What can Like Fresh do for you as an entrepreneurial producer of juices, salads and healthy snacks?

Popularity and demand for mild processing of fresh produce is increasing. If you’re looking for a great solution, Like Fresh will help you cash in on opportunities and reduce costs.

Thanks to turnkey innovations, Like Fresh gets more out of fruit and vegetables: freshness, vitamins and taste.

Like Fresh helps build future market positions for producers of juices, salads and healthy snacks.


Innovations in storing and processing brought directly to your work process

Like Fresh offers you, as an entrepreneur, in-depth knowledge of the latest, key innovations in mild processing of fresh produce. More importantly: Like Fresh translates this powerfully to your work process. New, advanced techniques such as drying, pressing, pasteurizing and aseptic filling are made tangible in added value for your company. This creates value for your business model and market position.
Below we give an impression of a few options. Are you curious for more? Start a conversation with us about what Like Fresh can offer you.

Cold Press

Preserve more nutrients and flavour


Saving time in destemming grapes and berries


Cost-efficient bottling


Cold inline pasteurization of beverages

Team & partners

Like Fresh: a new team enters the world of mild processing and storage of fresh products, with a load of experience in storage and processes.
GKS Packaging

GKS Packaging

GKS packaging is an "old school" machine manufacturer in a modern tailored suit. GKS packaging delivers custom build packaging machines and complete packaging lines. GKS presents highly customer specific solutions with a short delivery time. Engineers develop, design and manufacture everything under one roof in our modern production facilities.



TOP BV is a service provider specialized in practical innovation for the food industry. The company works for and with food producers and equipment manufacturers from all over the world. Designing and implementing unique and useful innovations is daily work for the experienced engineers of TOP BV.

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