High Pressure Processing

A positive impact on the preservation of positive content components



High Pressure Processing (HPP), also known as “pascalization”, is one of the most widely used alternatives to heat pasteurization today. Validation studies investigating the shelf life of pascalized foods, indicate that risks do not differ materially from conventional pasteurization techniques, but that HPP should be used wisely and its limitations should be respected. HPP is very suitable for refrigerated products with a low pH (<4.2), such as fruit juices. In general, HPP destroys vegetative cells and inactivates certain enzymes with minimal change in the organoleptic properties of the product. This usually distinguishes this method from heat pasteurization. For this reason, pascalization fits in with the current age with an increasing appreciation for ‘fresh’ and ‘natural’.

Like Fresh is an agent for a new producer of HPP equipment. The big steps in innovation that were taken have to do with the way in which the high pressure is applied. The level of pressure and the holding time are the same as competing systems. By making clever choices, a new design has been created with cylinders (also referred to as barrels) in which standard bottles are slid. Because the free space after filling a cylinder is very limited, the cycle time is shorter than with alternative systems. As a result, these HPP systems are considerably cheaper in Capex and Opex as the already existing HPP equipment. Another strong point is that our systems can be expanded with additional cylinders. This allows you to scale up your system as needed. Finally, we supply an automatic filling system for the HPP line itself, and a filling system for bottles, including a bottle capper, if desired.