Cost-efficient bottling



Cold pressed fruit and vegetable juices are tasty,healthy, and are changing the global juice market. These super fresh juices still contain their natural enzymes and maintain their original nutritional value just like nature intended.

The use of the CP MiniFiller, in combination with the Cold Press No.1, our fruit juicing solution, introduces a very cost-efficient bottling process for cold pressed juices.

Empty bottles are placed on the rotating table and are automatically detected by a sensor in front of the filling head. After filling, the only remaining manual handling is capping the bottles.


Filling volume: 50 – 1000 ml

Filling speed: 7-15 bottles per minute

Maximum bottle height: 200 mm

Suitable for: glass, metal and PET bottles, almost any volume can be used, and switching between volumes and bottle types is no issue.

Power: 120 W

Dimensions of Carousel: 1000 mm

Standard working height: 1390 mm

Minifiller – Like-Fresh