Saving time in destemming grapes and berries



Manual destemming of grapes and berries takes a lot of time. Saving time equals saving costs for the fruit snack and salad industry. The Pluckr is the first and only device in the market that automatically destems grapes and berries without damaging the fruit.

There are three versions available with one (PR1), three (PR3) or six (PR6) heads, each with different capacity in kilos per hour. Packaging the destemmed berries and grapes in a sealed tray or cup in combination with AMAP technology can increase the shelf life up to 4 weeks compared to 1 week without. Our technology makes this possible via correct de-stemming of fruits, which avoids fungal and bacterial infection and hugely increases storability. Payback times of 3-6 months for a Pluckr are no exception.

Pluckr PR1 – Like-Fresh

Pluckr PR3 – Like-Fresh

Pluckr PR6 – Like-Fresh