Cold inline pasteurization of beverages


There is a fast-growing consumer demand for fresh juice, which looks and tastes so much better than juices from concentrate that often dominate our supermarket shelves. The use of PurePulse pasteurization enables you to simplify your distribution chain, and expands your potential sales market. It allows you to offer your retail customers a longer shelf life, which dramatically reduces their waste, and is therefore more sustainable.

PurePulse pasteurizes fresh juices using a mild preservation treatment, and is suitable for many liquids from the food industry. Spoilage bacteria, yeasts and molds are destroyed without any loss of flavor, color, aroma or vitamins. That’s good news for consumers, since it means the availability of safe and fresh fruit juice. And it’s also good news for retailers: with food and drink waste representing one of the retail industry’s major cost factors, an extra day of shelf life is worth its weight in gold. Just think how much extra profit a fresh product with a 21-day shelf life can generate!

Cold pasteurization is the future. And if combined with cold press and aseptic filling of bottles, you have the future in your hands. Like-Fresh and our sister company TOP can help you engineer your turnkey juice factory. PurePulse uses Pulsed Electric Fields (PEF2.0) to pasteurize beverages. Because the temperature never exceeds 40 ᵒC, all vitamins, aromas, colors and flavors in the product are preserved. PEF is the only inline technology with which you can achieve a significantly longer shelf life without losing any freshness.

  • Fully continuous process
  • 21 day shelf life (pH <4.5)
  • Maximum freshness thanks to non-thermal processing