Adding value to fruits and vegetables

The popularity of vegetables and fruits is increasing. However, fresh products are extra vulnerable to microbial and sensorial spoilage. Reducing this vulnerability adds substantial value in the food sector. We make that happen with the latest innovations in storage and processing using techniques like drying, pressing, pasteurizing, aseptic filling and other novel technologies.

Like-Fresh from Wageningen, a new sister company of the world-renowned TOP BV, has in-depth knowledge of new possibilities in the storage and processing of fruits and vegetables. Like Fresh director Rob Veltman translates the innovations into high-quality solutions for producers of juices, salads and healthy snacks around the world. With our rich experience we develop new process lines, or apply innovative applications within existing processes. This involves close collaboration with a network of the best engineers from TOP BV and other innovation partners.


The needs of consumers, especially with regard to fruits and vegetables, are changing rapidly. This offers new opportunities for producers. With disruptive innovations, Like Fresh helps entrepreneurs in the food sector to respond better to customer needs. And with Like Fresh, better in the food sector means more:

  • More: freshness
  • More: preservation of vitamins and antioxidants.
  • More: taste experience.
  • More: purity.

For example, consumers are no longer satisfied with juice that has been artificially sweetened with fructose from corn. They want less sugar and freshly squeezed. The not-from-concentrate (NFC) juice market has grown rapidly in recent years, claiming a more significant role in the industry. Like-Fresh supports producers in switching to new production techniques such as fresh squeezing. We are happy to support you in making your processes on-trend, and ready for the 21st century. With the help of our partner TOP BV we engineer the right solution.

Consumer terms: Cold-pressed, pure, health, raw, supercharged, natural, happy, fuel, super power.

Industry terms: Mild-processed, pasteurize, cold pasteurization, shelf life, innovative, efficient, clean-label, food safety, packaging, bottle / PET, hygienic.